Nubians are one of the largest dairy breeds and the most popular. They have a high butterfat content in their milk which makes it ideal for cheese making. Nubians are a mellow and sweet breed and make excellent pack or cart animals, especially the wethered males.

We have a variety of beautiful does in our breeding program . We will continue to improve the quality of our animals by adding new bloodlines to our herd.

Little Cudchewers Tarra
January 22 2007

Jowanda's Nutter Butter Bar
Jowanda's Stormin Norman
 Jowanda's Kayla
 Mighty Oak Farm WC Zack
Mighty Oak Farm Karma
  Mighty Oak Farm TM Serendipa T

Haven-Hills Amaretto
May 22 2008

  Willow Run Bros Emmanuel
Haven-Hills Elliot
 Haven-Hills Sonata
 Willow Run Eros Emmanuel
Haven-Hills Elsa
 Haven-Hills Sonata
Due 04/04/15

Helm Acres Margarita
April 19 2008

Timber-Creek Hosea
Timber-Creek Vigilance
 Timber-Creek Ethiopia
 Sand-Bur-Kids a Foxy Trainor
Helm Acres Replicate
 Helm Acres Checkers
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Bred to Country due 04/08/15 FOR SALE After kidding

Love-R-Goats M and M Brandy
March 23 2009

GCH Fox's-Pride Gypsy's Alfalfa+*B
Ziggy-Acres Irish's Mr. Miracle
Ziggy Acres Spunky Rose
 Knowles Island FF Coyote
Foxwood Gidget's Maura
 Foxwood Remax Gidget
Due 04/04/15

Lil Tumbleweed Tequila
April 10 2010

Ziggy-Acres Irish's Mr Miracle
Love-R-Goats M and M Scotch
Love-R-Goats TC Lady Miranda
Haven-Hills Elite Salution
Mosaic Salution Kahula & Cream
Mosaic Val Moheta
Bred Java Jo due 04/15/15

Lil Tumbleweed Banshee
April 05 2011

Oh Oh
Due 04/14/15

Lil Tumbleweed
Feb 15 2012

Bred to Java Jo due 04/08/15

Lil Tumbleweed Dottie
Feb 11 2012

Due 04/14/15 FOR SALE after kidding